Welcome to UOwnCalmness world of healing, Zen, natural & positive energy ambiance for you through Holistic/FengShui inspired products.
We are very selective on our product range and firmly anchored on the concept of ÒCalmness is the Cradle of Power" whether it be power of home-decor or inner-soul a place that is restorative for the body and mind, and that is what a home or office should be, a sanctuary for rest and relaxation.
As a momprenuer, my objective is not to sell a product but exchange the experience of positive energy. My research, on Feng Shui, color therapy, mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy, has inspired me to work on products which are natural, calming and provide positive energy.
UOwnCalmness products are hand-made by the craftsmen cherry picked by us or sourced from ISO certified manufacturer. Our products are sustainable, natural, and eco-friendly. Our products are uniqueÐ some of the designs are exclusively designed by us and cannot be found anywhere else.
We are sure UOwnCalmness holistic products will enhance the your experience by natural, healing and relaxing products for home/office or simply has gifts to the dear ones at reasonable price and excellent customer service.

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Himalayan Salt Lamp (Large) 2 ,

UOwnCalmness 100% Himalayan Natural Shape Salt Lamp ( large 9 – 10 pounds ).

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208.95 AED

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Himalayan Salt Lamp (medium) 2 ,

UOwnCalmness Natural Shape 100% Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp UOC( Medium 5-6 pounds ) with Bulb and Cord.

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Himalayan Salt Lamp (Small) 2 ,

UOwnCalmness Himalayan 100% Natural Shape Salt Lamp ( Small 3 – 4 pounds ).

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Himalayan Salt Lamp (XXL size) 2 ,

UOwnCalmness Himalayan Natural Shape Salt Lamp ( XXL 60 – 65 pounds ).

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523.95 AED

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Himalayan Salt Natural Shape USB Lamp 2 ,

UOwnCalmness 100 % Natural Himalayan Salt Natural shape USB Cable Lamp ( multi-colored light ).

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Natural Shape Himalayan salt lamp (X-Large size) 2 ,

UOwnCalmness 100 % Natural Shape Himalayan Salt Lamp ( XL 22 to 24 pounds ).

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UOwnCalmness Himalayan Salt Fairy Lights 2 ,

Unique Himalayan salt crystal fairy light to give your surroundings a charming and calming effect.

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85.00 AED

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