Adjustable Pikler Triangle With One Ramp, Tunnel Box & Slide Set

Moon Kids Pikler triangle

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Made to order, delivery withing 14 days – Moon Kids Adjustable Pikler Triangle with One Ramp, Tunnel Box & Slide Set What is a Pikler Triangle? It is an age-appropriate climbing frame for toddlers and young children up to the age of 5. It can be thought of as a starter kit to enable your child to meet milestones for age-appropriate coordination development.

The Pikler Triangle will grow with your child as they develop with the addition of accessories and configurations to make it more challenging. It was first designed by Emi Pikler a Hungarian pediatrician 100+ years ago to develop children?s gross motor skills as well as help them learn balance, confidence, mobility, and muscle development.

Babies from the age of 8 months can use the rungs to pull themselves up learning to stand to progress as they grow to mastering the Pikler Triangle by climbing to the top of it. Older children will incorporate the play frame into imaginative play and roleplay through dressing it up and turning it into a fort or den as well as using it as a climbing frame. This will be the perfect training and play toy for your child.

Moon Kids Adjustable climber has been tested by adults and holds a load of 100 kg, however, for safety reasons, we recommend using it with a maximum load of 50 kg.

Please do not leave your children unattended around the Pikler Triangle climbing frame.

ADJUSTABLE CONFIGURATION: The Adjustable Pikler triangle can be set up in different configurations to challenge your child?s abilities and constantly change the playing environment.

STRENGTH BUILDER: The transformable or Foldable Pikler ladder climber is designed as a starter kit to develop and teach balance, confidence, mobility, and muscular development.

EASY TO SET UP: The Adjustable Pikler Triangle with ramp and slide are shipped preassembled so set up is very easy and fast. The triangle with the ramp, slide, and the box is foldable and pack away neatly to save space when not in use.

AGE APPROPRIATE TRAINING & PLAYING EQUIPMENT: This Adjustable Pikler Triangle is a perfect toy for kids to play and learn simultaneously. The climbing frame comes with a ramp & slide. Its foldable features make it easy to manage and store away when not in use.
COMES WITH A RAMP, SLIDE AND BOX: Make playtime more fun for your kids with this Adjustable Pikler Triangle with ramp, slide and box, by altering the incline of the ramp and slide increases the challenge, and adding the box changes the play environment meaning this climbing frame will grow with your child and their abilities.
SAFETY: The wood is varnished with ecological, baby-safe material. There are no sharp corners or edges. The Adjustable Pikler Triangle is tested by adults and can hold up to 80kg. For safety reasons do not exceed 50kg.
HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Pikler Climber from Moon Kids is made from premium quality Laminated MDF. The materials used are very strong and flexible, making this Pikler Triangle safe for kids.
AGE GROUP: Appropriate for children from 6 months – 5 years of age. The Pikler Triangle is tested by adults and can hold a maximum load up to 80Kg. For safety reasons, we advise not to put a load over 50kg.

BOX: L 60CM X W 60CM X H 60CM
RAMP: L 100CM X W 38CM


Moon Kids

Moon Kids was founded in Abu Dhabi in 2011 by stay at home dad Paul. Keeping your kids entertained and happy, we offer locally made, good quality kid’s furniture at affordable prices. Our play equipment is especially designed to help your child grow in confidence, strength and agility. Each item is made especially for you, by our highly skilled team, with special attention given to detail and safety. Our passion for new and innovative kids furniture and play equipment means there is always something new happening at Moon Kids Home!
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